Clint Struthers

Fine Furniture Maker

I have been designing and building fine furniture for over 40 years. I have always worked in wood! My grandfather was a huge influence on me and I learned the craft of furniture design and making by watching and helping him build furniture for my grandmother. My exposure to furniture making intensified in the 7th grade with a wood shop class where I designed and built several pieces of furniture. Even at that early age I was mesmerized by the textures and colors of wood, and I have always loved the problem solving process that is a part of designing furniture. Armed with my drawing and construction skills at the age of thirteen I completed my first commissioned work, a complete sewing center consisting of a desk with drawers and a stand-alone storage cabinet. Those pieces are still in daily use and still loved by their owner!

Furniture is often, by its nature, function first and artistic a distant second. I love to do all I can to meld the two together so that artistry and function walk hand in hand with neither taking the first position or the second. I want my furniture to be functional artwork that enhances the living spaces and the lives of those who own it. I work in both solid woods and wood veneer because together I can bring beauty that neither can bring alone to a piece. Many of the veneers I use are cut right in my shop and in doing this I can control the appearance, thickness, and of course wood species. I am always on the lookout for the occasional downed tree, log or odd piece that I can turn into either usable pieces of solid wood or beautiful veneer!