Commission Custom, Handmade Furniture

Much of Clint’s handmade furniture is commissioned and is built to the exact specifications agreed upon with you, the client. He would enjoy an opportunity to explain how this works and would welcome your email!

Overview of process:

  1. Initial design fee of $300-$500 (will be rolled into final project).
  2. Client budget determined.
  3. Contract and quote provided after completed design.
  4. 50% non-refundable deposit due upon signing contract.
  5. Estimated production timeline will be provided.
  6. 50% balance due on project completion, before delivery.

Some disclaimers:

  • I will not copy another artist’s design or  that of a currently manufactured piece.
  • Period furniture can be reproduced but will require minor differences.
  • Changes in design after project begins will result in revised contract, additional expense, and delay in completion.
  • All rights to design drawings remain property of Seafeather Studio.
  • All drawings & copies will be retained by Seafeather Studio.

A Word from Clint about Furniture Commissions

In commissioning a custom piece of furniture you are entering into a fairly involved yet very exciting process, one in which you and I will work closely to develop a design that is pleasing to both of us. This is important because you will love the piece and share your home or office with this furniture for a very long time. I will also love the piece and will want it to have a good home!

I have developed a process that allows me to explore your ideas and needs for a piece of furniture while keeping an eye on your budget, which is another important consideration in most cases! Whenever possible exploration of your needs or interest will include a visit to your home or location to see where the new piece will live and to get an idea of the size and style of the area. (Travel beyond 2 hours drive from our studio will result in additional fees) I like to photograph the area so that I can refer to these photographs during the design process. Don’t worry, these photos are returned to you upon completion of the project and while in my possession are kept securely stored and are shared with no one without your written instructions!

I will provide an estimated timeline and will encourage you to visit the shop periodically so that you can see your furniture go from a design on paper to a finished piece of custom made furniture!

Contact Clint

If you are interested in commissioning Clint to design and build custom furniture for you, please contact him via the Contact Us link.