Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I begin a commissioned piece of custom furniture with Clint?

A. Clint’s overview of his commission process can be read here. Then, please contact him to discuss details on the furniture piece you would like created.

Q. If I want to commission a piece of furniture can I specify a deadline, like Christmas or a birthday?

A. To be honest, I will never promise something will be done by a specific date! Period! I will try to provide realistic timeframes for a project but never a specific date for completion. Creativity doesn’t like to be fenced by things like deadlines and I’ve found that if pushed by time my work suffers and clients aren’t as happy, so I just don’t do deadlines! Instead I will keep you well apprised of my progress and will also provide periodic photographic updates to show you that progress.

Q. Will you make me a piece of furniture like the one I saw at my local furniture store or in a picture on-line? And can you do it cheaper?

A. Nope! Sorry, but I won’t copy the work of another designer. I will however, look at the piece you’ve found or chosen and will work with you to learn what about that piece appeals to you. Then I will use that information to design something that fits your needs and desires!

As for the cheaper part, I am very proud of the quality my pieces exhibit both in the materials used and the skills required to build your new furniture. High quality materials and excellence in design and construction seldom result in lower price points! Of course if we factor in the fact that my work will outlive multiples of the cheaper stuff and take that approach, then one of my pieces is probably cheaper than the 6-10 lesser quality pieces it will take to equal the same lifespan!

Q. How can I get on your newsletter and update list?

A. Click here or on any of the sign-up here buttons you find on our site! I’d love to have you on the list and please sign up knowing that I will never, never, ever, ever sell or share any information you provide with anyone, because I hate it when that happens to me!

Q. Does Seafeather Studio accept credit cards as a form of payment?

A. Yes! We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit/debit cards.